Get notified when prospects & alumni make news
Discover potential donors and strengthen bonds
How it Works
1. Upload a list of your prospects
2. AI powered algorithms scan 1000s of news sources constantly
3. You get notified with news articles that featured your prospects
Seize an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with prospects & alumni who matter
Trusted by the world's best
Pricing starts at $300 per month. Unlimited logins & access
Purpose-built for Advancement teams
Set filters, flags, and distribution across various departments
Specify the type of news you need, frequency and notifications
Connects with your CRM to directly update alumni records
More Results
News Sources
Prospects Tracked daily
Search Keywords
Name+ College
ALL combinations
Auto Handling
Getting results
2-3 Hrs
Search Keywords
Tracks and Alerts
A secured system, externally as well as internally
Our security measures for data protection and security.
Data Protection
We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your information. Our platform has been designed and built using ‘privacy-by-design’ methodologies.
Internal Data Security Policies
We strictly follow data security policies and restrict the data access to only who needs to use it.
GDPR Compliant
We are dedicated to ensuring that all customer data is treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Distributed servers across US & Europe
We partnered with AWS for its hosting and data services allowing users to access our platform 24x7.
Over 400,000+ sources from across the world, trade publications & journals
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