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AlmaConnect’s Data Science Edge.
Designations Normalization
We have normalized 10Mn+ designations and have associated information for powerful filtering & targeting
Aliasing- AKAs
Same company or school names are commonly mentioned in several different ways. We have mapped over 100Mn keywords into parent - child relationships to make sure we are able to incorporate all kinds of mentions in user profiles.
Company Info
We track company information to associate further information with user profiles. Over 1Mn companies tracked every day.
We offer support to help our clients succeed based on their goals and constraints.
Data Enrichment- Manually + Automatically
We sync your alumni profiles with LinkedIn to keep your database updated and integrate your alumni’s social activity into your network.
Online alumni events- End to End
We conceptualize and provide support for events like career fairs, homecoming, graduation, and more right from promotion to execution.
Content Creation- Newsletters, Interviews & Webinars
We help you create and share content to boost activity and engagement in your network with minimal time commitment.
Dedicated Account Manager for customization and personalisation
We provide a dedicated account manager to help you customize your network and get the most out of our platform.
Integrate into your ATS to fetch job openings and send applications into your system
Alumni engagement and profile data is always in sync with your CRM
Social Media
Deep social media integrations to leverage all social network to full potential
A secured system, externally as well as internally
Our security measures for data protection and security.
Data Protection
We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your information. Our platform has been designed and built using ‘privacy-by-design’ methodologies.
Internal Data Security Policies
We strictly follow data security policies and restrict the data access to only who needs to use it.
GDPR Compliant
We are dedicated to ensuring that all customer data is treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Distributed servers across US & Europe
We partnered with AWS for its hosting and data services allowing users to access our platform 24x7.
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