Build and Engage your Corporate Alumni Community
Engaging former employees enables organizations to expand talent pools, drive sales, and promote their brand
How an AlmaConnect network helps
With median employee tenure dropping to 4 years, boomerang hires are the lowest hanging fruit in recruiting
The fastest route to quality candidates for jobs or internships is through referrals by ex-employees
Today's alumni are tomorrow's customers and brand ambassadors when they are kept positively engaged
An alumni base is a ready resource for crowdsourcing feedback and ideas for new product launches
What we offer some brief features
Jobs Portal
Integrates with your recruitment system to automate job matching and activate referrals
Special Interest Groups
Communities can form around common interests, such as social cause or investment opportunities
Modular Customization
Platform scales to align with the evolution of the alumni program
Identity Verification
Multi-pronged system ensures frictionless and reliable verification that protects the network's integrity
Alumni Tracking
Cross-platform tracking across Linkedin and other social media to prevent profile stagnation
Admin Automation
Routine functions automated through AI to improve efficiency and reduce maintainance overhead
Social Media Integration
Seamless synchronization of information across other social media
Mobile App
Fully optimized with responsive design for mobile devices like phones and tablets
The AlmaConnect Edge
Data Science
Smart filters enabled through Data Science serve targeted content customized for the user's preferences
AI-enabled Scanners
Leveraging the power of NLP, rich and relevant content is sourced from external media to maintain the network's vibrancy
Active Collaboration
We deploy our years of experience across 1000+ clients to build engagement and ensure the success of your alumni network
You are in Good Company
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