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Pranay Gupta (IITD & IIMA Alum)
Partner at 91 SpringBoard
"If I didn't know them personally, I would have found it hard to believe that this is a product by an Indian startup."
Kunal Upadhyay (IITM & IIMA Alum)
CEO at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad
"Loving the app"
Ankit Gupta (BITS Pilani Alum)
Director of Engineering, Zomato
"I haven't missed a single email of AlmaConnect since I have signed up"
Akhyansh (IIT Madras Student)
Co-Founder, Quabl
"I am super excited about how much help can I get from my alumni now"
Dipinder Sekhon (IITD & LSE Alum)
CEO, KritiKal Solutions
"AlmaConnect is brilliant! The best and most comprehensive way to connect with Alums for social/business networking."

AlmaConnect is a platform based on private alumni networks. You can connect and leverage all your alumni networks on AlmaConnect.

It aims at bridging the alumni interaction gap and creating a strong network based on TRUST.

Colleges can also sign up with AlmaConnect to host their official alumni networks.

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