For Sales: ritika@almaconnect.com | +91-9560399966
Is a 5-10 employee strength product company, with office on a beautiful terrace in Hauz khas Village, New Delhi and on it’s way to become the First Global Social Network from India
What is AlmaConnect?

AlmaConnect is a social network based on private alumni networks focused on helping an alum / student get trusted help from his/her alumni network. Help ranging from getting referral for jobs, advice for careers, recommendations for services, introductions, fund raising to just asking if anyone is travelling from New York to Delhi in the next week and can carry a small parcel.

Institutes can host their official alumni networks on AlmaConnect for strengthening their alumni relations and leveraging the network for increasing placements & branding.

Current Stage?
Our Office (Delhi):
Our Office (Vacational):
We take the entire team to nice places for weeks to work & live together
Send an email to mayank@almaconnect.com for applying to a job
Sr. Frontend Engineer
2-4 years experience | Delhi | Rs. 8 - 12 Lakhs / annum CTC | ESOPs
You should have extremely strong javascript skills, preferrably angularJS.
Intern / Fresher
Feel free to apply, if you think you are really smart in any one field of your choice:
Can be: Design, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, HR, Content Writing, We will find an appropriate job for you :)
Android Developer
2-4 years experience | Delhi | Rs. 10 - 14 Lakhs / annum | ESOPs
Should have experience in developing Android Apps from scratch
Community Manager
0-1 years experience | Delhi | Rs. 3 Lakhs / annum
Should have high aptitude & strong written communication skills
Core Team:
Swapnil Khandelwal
CEO & Co-Founder
DA-IICT, Hyper Energy, Dreams, Initiatives, Host, Dance, Badminton, Jabalpur
Rubish Gupta
CTO & Co-Founder
DA-IICT, Gaming, Geek, Architect, New Technologies, Code Quality, Perfectionism
Amit Chaudhary
Tech Lead
IIT Guwahati, Hacker, Speed, Full Stack, Choudhary, Father, Problem Solving, Concentration
VP Sales & Accounts
Nagpur, Revenue, Sales, Cooking, Cleanliness, Prayers, Reading, Travel, Trek
Our Lead Investors:
TV Mohandas Pai
Chairman, Manipal Global
CFO, Infosys (1994 - 2006)
IIM Ahmedabad
AlmaConnect Alumni:
Experience at AlmaConnect is respected in the market
We acknowledge & respect that people do want to move on with their aspirations over a period of time what we do try to ensure is that all our alums part away with a smile & were happy about their decision of joining AlmaConnect
Manmeet joined in 2011 & moved on in 2014 at 2.5x salary offered by Practo
Aash joined as an intern in '12 & moved on in 2014 at ~2x salary offered by TargetingMantra
Anirvan joined as an intern in '12 & moved on in 2013 at ~2x salary offered by HackerRank
Abhas joined in 2011 & moved on in 2013 & is currently at a 4x salary in ZoomCar
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